A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


It is your first day at your new job as an audio analysis agent in this unique and challenging audio puzzle game! You are tasked with decoding encrypted messages hidden within audio cassette tapes using only the functions of an old cassette player

This was a game made for the Brackeys 2020 game jam with the theme Rewind.


Sound design and training tape - Kai Jenkins

Programmer and park/phone call tape - Rory Maclennan

3D Artist and phone call tape - Linus Dawson

2D Artist - Annie Walsh

Lawyer Ad tape - Hardy Nyirenda 

Meditation tape - Ben Viney

Known Problems

  • There is no end of the game so after the first submission of the last tape it will not accept any more input and can either freeze or crash the game.
  • The difficulty curve varies between people depending on their skill level and for some words are not spoken clearly enough for some players.
  • The game does not currently feature any accessibility options such as subtitles or a colour blindness mode

Install instructions

WindowsUnzip the folder and run the executable file
Mac OS XUnzip the folder and run the app. As the project is unsigned you may have to give it permission in your security settings


Backmask - Windows.zip 52 MB
Backmask - MacOSX.zip 52 MB


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After the white tape with two words, I get the same tape again, and the game locks up when I try to submit a result.


Ah yes that's the last tape. I ran out of time to add an end screen. We're going to release a post jam version that's a bit more polished. Thank you for the feedback!

Can't get past level 3, it won't take "relocated" as an answer.

Ah that's because it's not the right answer. It is very close though so maybe we should tweak the system to be more lenient. Thank you for the feedback! 

I keep hearing "between" for one of the tapes but it wont take between

Oh that tape has two words in it. We’re going to add some visual prompts to help make that clearer. Btw that’s also the last tape and there is no end screen so it will get stuck on that one once you’ve submitted it once 

OK, thanks for letting me know, great game btw